A Petition To Keep the Music Program at Irvine Elementary

At a PAC Meeting on May 18th, principal Laurie Birnie announced that Ecole Irvine Elementary School would be cutting its music program. There was no parent input towards making this decision, no explanation has been provided for it, and it was not even officially announced to the school children and community.  We are fortunate to currently have a music specialist, Mr. Eric Oun, employed at Irvine Elementary. In addition to teaching music class, he also runs the school choir, something many students have enjoyed immensely this school year! His training is specific to music and should continue to be used in full to the school’s advantage.  Music education helps develop language and reasoning skills, improves quality of schoolwork, enhances coordination, helps with self-esteem, team work, and builds a sense of accomplishment. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, played at weddings and funerals, and enhances celebrations. Movies and television shows and computer games are all made better by music. The quality of our lives is improved by music. As parents at Ecole Irvine Elementary School, and concerned past, present, and future members of the school community, we are asking Principal Laurie Birnie to reverse this decision and keep music education in our school’s curriculum. If you agree, if you care about keeping music in elementary schools, please sign this petition. Thank you!

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